VIDEO - "Forest habitat - Can it still be saved?"

November 2023
1 min

Dear Community,
We are very pleased to draw your attention to a special video by Bayerischer Rundfunk that deals with a topic that concerns us all: the protection and preservation of our forests.

The video, entitled "Forest habitat - can it still be saved?", sheds light on the pressing issues surrounding the state of our woodlands and looks for answers to the challenges that climate change and environmental factors pose for this important ecosystem.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the scenes from minute four to eight. Our project "AI-based forest monitoring", which we are working on so intensively, is presented there. Professor Beierkuhnlein from the University of Bayreuth provides interesting insights into why the topic of forest fires is also becoming increasingly relevant in Germany and emphasises the importance of research in this area - as our project is doing. Doctoral student Christopher Shatto, on the other hand, describes the importance of using technology to monitor forest fires.

We are proud to be part of this important work and invite you to be informed and inspired by this article. Take the time to learn more about the initiatives and solutions being developed to preserve our forest habitat for future generations and enjoy the video!

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We provide information about our research results and advise municipalities, states or anyone interested on effective measures for early forest and wildfire detection