Controlling forest fires with technology

We combine artificial intelligence, UAV (drones) and decision support systems to create more transparency in forest fires.

KIWA, "KI-basierte Waldüberwachung" (AI-based forest monitoring) offers users the ability to detect forest fires in the monitored catchment area at an early stage and coordinate local response teams based on real-time data.

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Drone flying over forest area gathering data for KIWA's AI-based forest monitoring decision support system, image is hexagonal shaped like logo elements

The Challenges

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Prediction & Detection

We combine artificial intelligence, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and decision support systems to bring more transparency to preventing and controlling forest fires.

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Deployment of Resources

Fighting forest fires requires a high deployment of manpower as well as equipment. Existing resources should be used effectively to fight fires and prevent them from spreading.

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Access to Information

Forest fires can spread quickly. Real-time information about the location of the fire and the direction of propagation - and speed - is particularly important.

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Research Questions


How accurate are forest fire risk predictions using artificial intelligence, remote sensing data and climate models?


How effective are drones at monitoring and mapping areas affected by wildfires?


How well can decision support systems help improve response to wildfire threats?

Our Value Proposition

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A new level of transparency

Through real-time monitoring and precise early detection of wildfires, our AI technology improves your ability to act proactively and minimize the impact of fires.

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Enhanced safety

We prioritize the safety of people, animals, infrastructure and nature in and around forest areas. By detecting forest fires early, we can help save lives and efficiently organize the evacuation of endangered areas.

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Promotion of sustainability

With our AI-supported forest monitoring, we actively support the preservation of our forests. By detecting and fighting forest fires at an early stage, we help to reduce ecological damage.

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Profitability through innovation

Wildfires are costly - in terms of environmental impact and financial cost. Our AI-supported monitoring helps reduce these costs by detecting forest fires early and fighting them effectively.

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Efficient use of resources

Our AI technology supports you in precisely locating sources of fire and predicting their spread. In this way, resources for firefighting can be used more effectively and valuable time can be saved.

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